ANALAN Mini Pet Hair Remover Detailer 5 Colours

Colour?: Black
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ANALAN Mini Pet Hair Remover Detailer

Get embedded fur out with the Analan Pet Hair Remover.

Quickly and effectively clean the most stubborn animal hair, embedded or trapped pet hair that cannot be cleaned by the vacuum cleaner or the roller, ideal for cars, carpets, upholstery, roof linings, fabric sofas, bed covers, etc. without worrying about scratching Beautiful plastic, wood or chrome nearby.

Suitable for curves and gaps of various affected surfaces. The Analan Pet Hair Detailer adopts a triangular arc design. You can use it easily on various irregular curves and crevices of the affected surface. The two curved surfaces of the Analan pet hair remover can touch the affected surface at the dead corner at the same time, allowing you to clean both surfaces at the same time.

Three different cleaning modes!
Three levels of edges correspond to three different cleaning modes, making it easy and fast to get embedded fur out of couch, carpet, bed. Works well on cleaning hair from dogs like Huskies, Akita, Retriever, Labs, Corgis, Great Danes, and Mutts & kitty cats and other pets.

No need to press hard!
A highlight of our products is the addition of a ring handle to our products. This structure takes into account the ergonomic design, very easy to hold and requires very little pressure and short and easy strokes to achieve amazing results, your hand will not feeling sore because of prolonged use.

Easy embedded hair removal
Use on Car interiors, sofas, pet beds, clothing & more!
Suitable for curves & gaps
Three different cleaning modes
No pressure required


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