Dog Doors & Flaps

Fleas, ticks and worms can be unpleasant for both your dog and your home. Here you can find a great range of products to help treat these common pests which can be easily administered at home. It is important to treat your pet with a suitable treatment which is appropriate for their breed, size and weight.

A pet flap allows your dog or cat to easily go outside without needing to wait for you to open the door for them. Ideal in homes with a secure garden, dog flaps and cat flaps offer independence for your pets, allowing them to move about as they wish. Perfect for letting your pets access the outside area for toileting or playtime on their own terms, especially when you are not at home to look after them.

Our range of pet flaps and doors suit most cats and small dogs up to 45kg, with sizes from small to large. We stock the flaps as well as the flap extension, allowing you to fit a pet door to your door.

Featuring manual two-way locking, and durable design, these pet flaps can be locked or unlocked depending on when you want your pet to be able to use the door. Once installed, there is no training necessary - simply allow your pet to discover the door on their own and they will soon get used to using it on their own quickly.