Beaphar Multi Wormer for Dogs

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Beaphar Multi Wormer for Dogs

Beaphar Multi Wormer for Dogs is a traditional three-week treatment for roundworm and tapeworm infestations in dogs.

Containing two different types of tablet, piperazine citrate and dichlorophen, to be given over a three week period.

Suitable for dogs from 6 months of age and weighing more than 1.9kg.
It can also be given to nursing bitches more than 1.9kg.

How to use... (always read the products packaging before use!)
Do not remove the tablet(s) from the foil blister until you are ready to use the product.

The treatment consists of three doses given at weekly intervals to treat for roundworm and tapeworm.
Week one: PINK tablets.
Week two: FAWN tablets.
Week three: PINK tablets.

Tablets may be given whole, or crushed and mixed into food.


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