Beaphar NutriSupport Senior Soft Jelly Dog Treats Pack of 12

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Beaphar NutriSupport Senior Soft Jelly Dog Treats Pack of 12

Beaphar NutriSupport Senior is a delicious, pork flavoured, nutritional health supplement made with natural active ingredients, including extract of marigold and turmeric, and yeast.

Marigold provides a source of lutein, which is important for brain function and retinal acuity, turmeric is a source of Beta-carotene, which is known to protect cells against free radicals and oxidative stress, and yeast has shown to be a good source of nucleotides to support cell regeneration.

Beaphar NutriSupport Senior is a soft jelly with no artificial colours, is hypoallergenic, low in calories, and perfectly adapted to help support your dog's immune system, cell regeneration, well-being and overall health.

Suitable for dogs from 7 years of age or for dogs showing signs of ageing.

Weigh your dog carefully and use the following table to calculate the correct amount of Beaphar NutriSupport Digestion to give per day.
Dogs weighing less than 10kg: ½ jelly
Dogs weighing more than 10kg: 1 jelly

Beaphar NutriSupport Digestion can be cut and given at different times throughout the day or all at once as a treat or reward.

For optimal results, administer the product daily for one month. However, if required, this can be lengthened or repeated with no interval period necessary.

Always have fresh drinking water available.


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