Good Boy Chompers Dental Dog Treats Toothbrushes 3 Sizes

Size?: Medium 2pk
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Good Boy Chompers Dental Dog Treats Toothbrushes 3 Sizes

Full of natural goodness, meat free and contains no artificial colours , flavours or preservatives.

Doggy Dental Care
We know the importance of caring for our own teeth daily so its really important we look after our dog's teeth too.
Good Boy Chompers have been designed to help you do just that.

Choose from...
Toothbrush Small 4pk 60g 70mm - suitable for dogs 5-10kg
Toothbrush Medium 2pk 70g 110mm - suitable for dogs 10-20kg
Toothbrush Large single 65g 155mm - suitable for dogs 20kg+

Specially Designed - ridged chews to help massage the gum line
Gentle - Air dried naturally to create a gentle abrasive texture to help remove plaque and tartar
Perfect for Daily Use - get into a good routine and start each day with a low fat Chompers dental stick or toothbrush
Chewy Texture - to keep your dog occupied and promote increased cleaning time
100% Natural - plant based recipe with a hint of mint and parsley to help reduce bad breath


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