Lily's Kitchen Venison & Wild Boar Terrine Canned Dog Food 400g

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Lily's Kitchen Venison & Wild Boar Terrine For Dogs

A grain free recipe made with freshly prepared venison and wild boar, with lots of veg and fruit.

This unique hypoallergenic grain free recipe is made with freshly prepared venison and wild boar. It's made with lots of veg and fruit together with our unique blend of botanical herbs, including dandelion and burdock root. We've also included hemp oil renowned for its health benefits and its rich source of essential fatty acids.

Only real meat: no rendered animal parts or derivatives, nothing genetically modified, no artificial preservatives, colours or sweeteners. No wheat, corn or soya. We use only use freshly prepared muscle meat and specially selected nutritious organ meat in our recipies to provide the very best nutrition for your dog. We also use herb flowers and leaves, fruit and vegetables to produce a delicious, digestible food for dogs.

Because we use the real pieces of venison, there is a very rare occasion of finding shot in our food. We can assure that we take very careful safety measures to ensure there are no pieces of shot left in the meat but very very occasionally a small piece may have escaped us.

Suitable for adult & senior dogs and puppies 4 months+.

Available in the following packs: (choose from dropdown)
Single pack of 1 tin (400g)
Pack of 3 tins (1200g)
Pack of 6 tins (2400g)
Pack of 12 tins (4800g)

60% Freshly Prepared: Venison (30%), Wild Boar (30%), Organic Potatoes, Butternut Squash, Organic Carrots, Organic Green Beans, Organic Apples, Vitamins & Minerals, Hemp Oil (Source of Omega 3 & 6).
Botanical Herbs: Golden Rod, Nettle, Aniseed, Rosehips, Marigold Petals, Cleavers, Kelp, Alfalfa, Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, Celery Seeds.

Crude Protein 10% Crude Fats and Oils 6% Crude Ash 2% Crude Fibres 0.5% Moisture 77% Calories 102 kCal/100g
Technological Additives... Natural Cassia Gum 2,900mg/kg
Nutritional Additives... Vitamins: Vitamin D3 200iu/kg, Vitamin E 30mg/kg
Trace Elements: Zinc chelate of amino acids hydrate 15mg/kg, Manganous chelate of amino acids hydrate 3mg/kg, Iodine as calcium iodate 0,75mg/kg, Organic selenium S.cerevisiae CNCM I-3060 0,03mg


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