SPORTSPET Tough Bounce Balls


Pack Size?: Single (1)
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SPORTSPET Tough Bounce Balls

The SPORTSPET Tough Bounce balls are our amazing flagship lines – a real pets favourite!

Made from a unique blend of top quality natural and Japanese rubbers, that’s something you won’t find in many well known brands. giving the balls both incredible bounce and durability.

Plus they float! So great for those dogs who like to have a splash! They are completely non-toxic too, which means a safe playtime, always.

Ball size: 65mm (2.5") diameter
Available in multiple pack sizes from a single ball to a full box of 24

Incredible bounce and durability
Unique blend of top quality natural and Japanese rubbers
Floating balls for dogs who like to have a splash!
SPORTSPET - Happy - Healthy - Fit


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