Chinchilla Cages

The ideal smallest size Chinchilla pet cage you should be looking for to keep a good happy chinchilla should be no smaller than 25 x 25 inches. The best chinchilla cage would be tall and have ladders or slopes inside to allow the chinchilla to climb and have safe content to move and hide around to keep them happy. Wire cages are the best for chinchillas as they can easily grip onto the holes in the mesh when climbing, whereas a plastic cage would most likely get chewed and destroyed relatively quickly. Wire floors are also common to have in a Chinchilla cage, however you must be able to coat the floor with wood to be easy on the chinchilla's feet. Your cage should not be in direct sunlight as chinchillas do not cope well with temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius. For the comfort of the chinchilla, pace the cage on a stand or table instead of low down. Having multiple levels in a high cage can make the base of the cage seem a lot bigger than it is. More room can easily be made with ramps and ladder, giving more space and making their home more luxury. If your cage has a good amount of space, a wheel can help with the chinchillas health and entertainment. Levels can also help with cleaning as there will be less surface area and more ladder and ramps which is perfect for somebody with a small amount of time for cleaning.