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WE'VE GOT SMALL PET SOLUTIONS COVERED Hamster, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Ferret & Hedgehog food, cages & accessories in stock!

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We offer a huge variety of pet food and pet supplies! You can find different brands of harnesses, collars, leads, and lots more. We can offer all sorts of advice, from veterinary to which pet food would be best. Every time you make an order, we will give you full support with any brands we sell. We offer over 1000 different pet supplies in our pet store, we will help you to find the right brand and product for you and your pet. We always have great offers on dry cat treats, cat beds and cat flaps. Our offers don’t stop at cats, we have dog travel beds, dog dental chews and supplies for loads of other animals! At Real Pet Store, we want you to save time and enjoy looking after your pets. We offer every product you could need to make their and your life more enjoyable. From dog food to pet houses, we use the best ingredients and materials for all of our products; only selling products that we love. We understand the sacredness of a relationship with a pet which is why everyone at Real Pet Store takes pride in knowing we supply all of the best products to make your pets life more enjoyable. We have lot of good offers on many of our products with free home delivery on all orders. We are dedicated pet enthusiasts and will make every effort to ensure that we fulfill your pets needs. We stock a vast range of dog, cat, fish, bird & small animal products. Thousands of product lines stocked and sold through our Buckinghamshire shop and online sales warehouse. We offer dry cat food, wet cat food, cat toys, cat beds, cat grooming, and other fun and healthy options.

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