Catit PIXI Smart Drinking Fountain with UV-C Steriliser 2L

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Catit PIXI Smart Drinking Fountain with UV-C 2L

Special Offer from Catit!
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As smart as it is adorable, cats need access to clean water to stay healthy, as proper hydration can help prevent urinary tract diseases.
The Catit PIXI Smart Fountain features two filtration technologies for ultra-clean, great-tasting water.

Two cutting-edge filtration technologies...
UV-C sterilises 99%* of bacteria and viruses
Triple action filter softens water and removes debris

Fully ergonomic. Perfect for picky cats.
The fountain includes a spout add-on that creates an arching water stream when inserted. Finally, your cat can drink comfortably without having to strike an awkward pose!

Super-silent pump
While wear and tear can cause most pumps to grow noisier over time, ours has a durable ceramic bearing that will keep it running smoothly and silently for much longer.

Care for your cat anywhere, at any time, with the free mobile app.
Use the handy PIXI app to control the Smart Fountain’s clever features anywhere you go, or share the app with friends and family to leave them in charge.
Enable notifications in the app to receive messages at important times, such as when the reservoir is nearly empty or the filter needs replacing.

PIXI’s little nose will keep you updated
White - Nightlight
Blue - UV-C sterilisation active / Blinking: Replace filter
Red - Out of water, auto-shutdown / Blinking: Time to refill

UV-C sterilisation neutralises 99% of bacteria and viruses
Extra filter softens water and removes debris
Ergonomic drinking options for picky drinkers
High-grade stainless steel top
Super silent
Low water level and filter replacement alerts
Energy-saving mode
Free mobile app, built-in Wi-Fi

Dimensions: 20.5 x 20.5 x 17 cm (8 x 8 x 6.7 in)
Power: USB output with DC 5V 1A adapter, power use <1w

App features...
Built-in Wi-Fi
Range to router: 30m
Smartphone notifications for low water level, filter replacement, and pump maintenance
App support with real-time overview
Switch ON/OFF remotely
Energy-saving mode & Timer
Available on the Google Play store and the Apple App store (no subscription required.)


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